Turtle Sunday

Last Night I made BLUEBERRY Pancakes.and I made a "special " one for my son, who loves turtles. Yes, the eyes are chocolate chips.

Today I went Shopping for My Tea Party Tommorow. I found some of the prettiest antique finds at Goodwill. I bought some floating candles, Candles & Crystal, Some Roses. Since the Party is at Make Mine Pink, I am going to use Vintage Things, Crystal, Lots of Pink, China & Roses. It's going to be such a fun PARTY, I can hardly wait. Be sure to stop by my COZY LITTLE ROSE TEA TABLE tommorw. You can also view others at www.makeminepink.blogspot.com

I may work on a Card Challenge tonight, Hope you all had a Wonderful Weekend!


Erin Earls said...

Cute Pancakes! Have fun with the Tea Party, and great Verses!
Luv ya Buddy

Jodi said...

Cute turtle pancakes! I bet he loved that. Have fun at your Tea Party!

Jessica said...

Those are the cutest pancakes I've ever seen!! I must try it for my little girl!!

Anonymous said...

ok, that's the cutest pancake I have ever seen. Who would have thought of a turtle pancake :)



Lallee said...

Darling idea! I bet your son was thrilled.