Best Blog Friend

I found this Great Little Picture on a Blog, as I was browsing the other Day. I wasn't tagged exactly, But I would like to tag 2 people, as my Best Blog Friends.

First of All Erin, because she is not only my Blog Buddie, But also my Best Friend in real Life, for going on 20 years :) Her Blog Site is http://www.erniestuffandthings.blogspot.com/

And Next, would be Tara, She is my Blog Buddy and almost always comments at my blog :) She is so talented and encourages me more than she will ever know. Her Blog spot is here:http://kryptonite72-rambles.blogspot.com/

Tara also tagged me, quite awhile ago, I was so Honored with this :)


Flossie's Follies said...

Consider yourself tagged as Best Blog Buddy.

Tara O'Rourke said...

Thank you Angie!!! I always feel so bad that Idon't check your blog daily....and to inspire you...well that's an honor...thanks for unofficially tagging me!!

A Thing for Roses said...

Angie, I'm so glad you found my blog! Thanks so much for your sweet comments. It's heartbreaking to see how your kids can go from being friends one minute to hating each other overnight. Okay, maybe not overnight, but you know what I mean. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Erin Earls said...

Hey that is me!! Guess I will have to make some other tags of my own. Love all the new things on here!
Love ya Buddy!