Letter Game

Ok, Please Stay Tuned, I want to show you some adorable pictures that I got at the wedding shower in a separate post today. Unfortunately, My camera was dead but luckily other people can take pictures too. It was the greatest and very few people, which actually made it very nice :)

So I saw this great Game posted at another Blog and had to share, Please feel free to use it on your blog, but comment to this post so we can see :)
Since my name is Angie, I will go with "A" for mine

- here are my answers:
Famous Singer Aroesmith
Four letter word Arts
Street Admiral Dr.
Color Amethyst
Gifts/Presents Antique Sliver
Vehicle : ATV (Quad, All Terrain Vehicle)
Things in a Souvenir Shop : Advertising Ashtrays
Boy's Name Andrew
Girl's Name Annette
Movie Aristocrats
Drink : Amaretto
Occupation : Architect
Celebrity: Angelina Jolee
Magazine: American Girl
U.S. City : Albuquerque,NM
Pro Sports : Atlanta Falcons
Fruit : Apricots
Reason for Being Late for Work: Alarm Didn't Go Off!
Something You Throw Away : Aluminum Cans
Things You Shout : "Another Report Card ? "
Cartoon Character:Alice In Wonderland


Anonymous said...

Fun!! It is harder than it looks huh.

malieta said...

This sounds like fun...where do I link to? I want to see what it has to say for me...for the M's.:)

malieta said...

Oh .....I get it, I just answer the questions and everything has to start with a "M".....OMG...how many hours did it take you! lol