Today is Dog Day according to http://www.123greetings.com/ I have always Loved Dogs. They are such faithful Companions. I have a Cocker Spaniel,
named Sprocket. He was actually a Rescue from a Dachshund Rescue of all Places. First he was rescued from a Humane Society , then to a Cocker Spaniel Rescue and then to a Dachshund Rescue. My parents have 3 Dachshunds, and I knew that was the kind of dog that I wanted, so we went to the Rescue to see a Dachshund and about a week later came home with our Cocker Spaniel, So we just say he's our "Ugly Dachshund".

What Kind of Dog do you have?

Random Photos

Here's Some Random Pictures I was Playing with Yesterday as I was just playing around with my Digital Camera. Trying to Perfect the Zoom Lense and I love to find new angles that give things a great new look, Here's some mushrooms . I had to get rid of these, because if dogs eat these , they can cause some serious health problems, so I am told.

I also found that using the zoom lense on a clover was a neat effect. The tops look so neat, I actually was trying to photograph a bee on it, but it flew away before the picture snapped.

Last but not least is my Geranium. it's still half alive. My Pansies are gone , but both of my Geraniums are perking along. Last year I had a pink geranium in bloom until October.

Have a Great Sunday!

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Erin Earls said...

Awesome Pics Angie. Love the clove! you know the only dog I have I am married to! LOL
Love Erin~