Happy 4th of July everyone. We are going to a BBQ today and I was put in charge of dessert, so here is what I am bringing,lol. Jello Jigglers, Strawberry & Berry Blue. I made them in those New disposable Star tins. Love those things. I have a Silicone Jello strawberry shape mold too, that I haven't used yet.

Then I decorated and made from scratch (well from a box) but i baked it this star cake and cupcakes. They are Devils Food Inside. I am so happy I finally found these tooth Picks with the Flags, now I can save what I didn't use to scrap and do Altered Arts with...
I also made the yummiest chocolate No Bake Cookies. So we should be all set. I'm in charge of buns too, Hamburgers & Hot Dogs, Thats pretty All American right?
It's supposed to get in the high 90's here today, so we will probably have the BBQed food inside an air conditioned house, Thank Goodness, I like warm,but that's just Hot! We will be watching the Firework display from the Buette tonight from our nieghboors house,I think,they have a pretty good view. Hope Everyone Has a Wonderful 4th!


Erin Earls said...

Very nice, looks YUMMY! : )

Mojo Jojo said...


You did a great job.

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Oh MY!! Looks WAY too YUMMY!!! Love it!!!
Nice blog.. will check it out some more... --Leesa

Karva said...

WOW these look fantastic, my mouth is watering!!!!
Love the blog and the LO's are fab