Today Is Chocolate Pudding Day. That means, I will be making Instant Pudding today. Trying something New, The new Jello Chocolate Pudding with Mint Chips. Sounds good to me I am a huge fan of Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream? Anyone else with me On this?

My 3 Favorite Ice Creams Are:

Bubble Gum



What's Your Favorite?

It is also Rose Day, June is Rose Month, I love Roses, another weakness...

Hopefully Later Today I will Be Posting a Layout, Maybe a Sketch. Hopefully I can get one done between laundry loads.....More To Come Later Today :) Have a Great Tuesday!


Erin Earls said...

OK it is just fine on this side. don't worry so much! Luv ya buddy!!!

Julie said...

I don't have any choc pudding but I made choc brownies yesterday so I will pretend it is pudding *L* and celebrate the day with you!

Tara O'Rourke said...

Ummm...no I am not with you! LOL! I am trying to not eat the stuff....Yep I am giving up chocolate for a few days. Why you ask? Cuz I am addicted. And it's DUMB to be addicted to chocolate. DUMB I tell ya! I am on day 6! And yeah I am having withdrawals-this sucks. But I've lost ONE POUND.

My fave ice cream is----CHOCOLATE. Yep boring chocolate. I also like Chocolate chip cookies dough and there's another I like with fudge and caramel swirled in it.

OK this is so NOT helping here-ROTFLOL

Joan said...

Yippee! I celebrated! I had one of the 100-calorie chocolate puddings for snack today. But... where are MY roses???? Jason must not have been notified what day it was or I am sure he would have sent some my way.

My favorite ice cream use to be.... Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby or Pistachio or Butter Pecan or Heath Toffee or... you get the idea :)